The Tails of Ahsoka

Cragmaw Hideout "goblin arrows"

Day One

Gundren Rockseeker is hiring adventurerers in cargo management and repositioning. Meeting place: Bearspaw Inn.
Quest: carrying supplies to Barthens Provisions in Phandalin. The party spots 2 dead horses killed by arrows 1 day prior on the bend. Saddlebags looted, nearby an empty map case.
4 goblins from the woods, the druid, h orc and paladin are surprised. Druid, ranger and fighter killed goblin, gnome knocked one out for questioning. Gnome persuades goblin to speak. He says a nearby lair, fewer than 20 goblins, lair leader named Klarg, who answers to King Groll. Goblins have captured gundren and taken him to the castle Cragmaw Hideout and have the human Sildar Hallwinter captive in the cave.
The party decides to go to Phandalin to drop off goods first. 10GP each. Rest for night
Head back to goblin cave in the am, 2 goblins on the lookout outside of cave. Ranger kills first, dragonborn kills 2nd. 3 wolves inside cave, fighter calms them, barbarian frees them. Ranger kills goblin on bridge. Battle in first cavern, dragon born kills Klarg. Corpse looted. The rest of the cave is explored. 5 goblins and also Sildar Hallwinter who has been beaten and tortured for days. Fighter chops off Klargs head, throws it into room w goblins(Sildar) battle takes place. 4 goblins killed. Last on pleads for his life. Gives info for next part of quest. He is looted. Sildar is freed, tells his story. Last goblin and Sildar loaded onto cart to begin journey back to Phandalin.



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